Complete Licensing and Certification 
As a legitimate company in this industry, we have all the required permits needed for our business. In addition, we also train our experts to be the best at what they do. We also made sure that we obtain all the required certifications of the various principal products that we handle. With complete licensing and highly qualified experts, it is certain that the projects will be handled professionally.

On-time delivery
Being a professional and prompt company, we always strive to deliver our projects in a timely manner. We take pride in our capability to accurately meet deadlines through systematic project management planning undertaken by our engineering team.

Complete Equipment
As a company with a vision to become a leader in the provision of airport equipment, we invested significant funds and resources to acquire the most reliable tools in order to provide the best of services for our clients. We are very well aware of the importance of investing in a complete set of tools to support our services such as:
• ILS Test Sets
• Spectrum Analyzer
• Frequency Counter
• RF Power Meter
• Power Lines Analyzer
• DME Power Meter
• PIR Instrument
• Oscilloscope
• Protocol Analyzer
• Signal Generator
• Service Monitor
• Vector Network Analyzer
• Mobile Generator
• Welding Machine
• Flow Meter
• Pressure Meter
• Chiller Tester Equipment
• General Tools

Human Resources
PT Tekindo currently has around 40 permanent employees who are all ready to provide the best services for clients.
These experts have had 10 to 20 years of experience in the field of managing and installing airport equipment. Having a formidable workforce does not make us complacent — we still provide necessary trainings for our major products in order to continuously improve in what we do.

Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineering Team
In addition to our superb mechanical and electrical teams, we also provide a professional civil engineering team that is ready to set up necessary structures during the installation process of the airport supplies. Our competent civil engineers are armed with all the specific knowledge required for the construction of airport equipment due to our specialized trainings, certifications and experience that are not generally known by other engineers of the same field.

In addition to technical skills, we also provide a powerful project management time schedule for manufacturing, mobilizing and supervising human resources and logistics especially for remote locations that require additional manpower from local residents. We handle all of it so that our clients are not exposed to such issues.