Design / Drawing
Before setting up the equipment, we can create technical design and drawing services to ensure proper and accurate installation. All the technical drawing needs will be conducted by our engineering team and for certain situations, will be assisted by a team of foreign engineers from the product principal. In addition, we will provide a systematic installation schedule that works well with the timeline of the whole project.

Construction & Installation Services
In addition to providing products, PT Tekindo also offers installation services for navigation, mechanical, electrical and civil construction. We have a hardworking team of navigation, mechanical, civil and electrical engineers as well as other experts in the field of airport installation and construction equipment armed with professional knowledge that are not owned by technicians in general.

Testing & Commissioning
We make sure that every installed product is carefully tested and commissioned for use. Each product has a guarantee from the product principal that is commonly valid within a year.

After the installation is done, we can provide training on how to properly use and maintain the equipment. Training can either be done in the field or sometimes abroad where it is delivered directly by our foreign experts.